Susan Boyle

What I love about this video that I got through Chanteuse on Plurk (thanks Chanteuse) is how because Susan is neither young nor pretty, the judges AND the audience all think she can’t have talent.

Susan Boyle

This is an extract of Britain’s got talent, which, I guess is the equivalent of American Idol.
We have the equivalent here in France, but I can’t remember what it’s called.
If the video doesn’t show, please click the link to see it directly from YouTube Sorry! Had forgotten to post the link


19 thoughts on “Susan Boyle

  1. Appearences can be deceiving!

    She was just singing. She was enjoying herself.

    I really enjoyed to watch the faces changed as soon as she got going.

    Been going back to listen to her since last Monday when I saw it on the news.

  2. I saw her a few days ago. I was gratified by her voice and by the judges response to her – how surprised they were!! I hope that teaches them a lesson not to judge a book by its cover!!

  3. She is wonderful! And I think you are right about the age/looks thing, which is a real shame that people respond that way.

    And the show, Britain’s Got Talent, is not really like American Idol (that’s really only popstar wannabees) … but in the US there is a show called “America’s Got Talent” based on the same ideas as the British one.

    • I must say that I watch neither of the shows, nor do I watch the French equivalent, which I think is called La Nouvelle Star. Not my cup of tea, I must say

  4. video/you tube don’t work. i got “imbedding disabled by request”….this just happened to me when i tried to view the same video sent by a local blogger here on Facebook.

  5. found your delightful blog today while googling for muguet images 🙂 i fell in love with the the photos on your post from 1er mai 07 and shared a few on my blog as i was nostalgic for the days when i myself could have my own fresh bouquet on 1er mai…instead this year i lived vicariously through your images. am happy to have discovered your blog and look forward to having a look around here. merci, chantal

  6. Hi, Claude, I’m so happy that you posted this! I thought of you and vieux c’est mieux when I first saw it. It’s so lovely to see her success matching her talent! (heart)

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